Ease the transition to practice for nurses entering the U.S. healthcare system.

What is NurseTasks?

At its core, NurseTasks is a productivity and task management tool optimized for the nursing workflow. We help nurses build organizational & time-management skills, and bridge the novice-to-expert gap.

Nursing Students

New Graduates

International Nurses

Improve patient outcomes

NurseTasks is a nurse's digital assistant, ensuring that tasks are completed in a timely manner, and nothing gets missed. As an extension of the EHR, NurseTasks reliably reminds nurses of tasks beyond physician orders that are essential to high-quality patient-centered care.

Empower nurses

Give nurses access to their data, and empower them to boost their productivity and time-management skills by observing trends and analyzing their progress over time. Key metrics provide insight into productivity and help identify barriers.

10 Free Nursing Report Sheets

Our report sheets are clinically proven and used extensively throughout health systems across the country. Studies show that using SBAR when transferring patient care leads to increased effectiveness and improved outcomes for over 73% of patients.

Increase retention rates

Avoid costly nurse placement loss due to substandard patient care and maladjustment to the U.S. healthcare system.
Demonstrate commitment to supporting nurses, and foster a positive agency image that attracts top talent.

Let's get started

We're currently running free pilot programs with select institutions.
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