NurseTasks for Educators
Detailed reporting. AI powered insights. Electronic student clinical tracking.
NurseTasks provides real-time nurse clinical tracking and reporting solutions, streamlining operations for nursing educators and healthcare institutions.

Why NurseTasks?

NurseTasks is an electronic clinical tracking system (ECTS) that streamlines clinical skills evaluation, performance tracking, and reporting for nursing educators – providing unparalleled clinical insights.


Real-time skills logging shows when and where competencies are met
Capture key productivity metrics to objectify clinical performance


Advanced reporting dashboards show individual and cohort performance
Quickly identify opportunities for remediation


Run custom reports using AI
Demonstrate compliance and programmatic quality to accreditation bodies

Clinical performance dashboard. Powered by AI.

Real-time digital skills logging

NurseTasks acts as a digital assistant, ensuring that clinical tasks are completed in a timely manner, and nothing gets missed. Logging skills in real-time allows instructors to evaluate and document student competencies whether on-site or remotely, for an accurate performance record.
Powered by AI

Performance tracking with AI forecasts

NurseTasks objectifies clinical performance. We normalize productivity and overall workload to accurately compare individual student performance with cohort benchmarks. Observe trends at the individual and cohort levels to identify remediation opportunities, and leverage forecasts powered by AI.
Powered by AI

Data-driven insights

Facilitate evidence-based feedback, and validate teaching strategies using concrete clinical data.
Powered by AI

Customized analytics and reports

Go beyond our standard dashboard and create custom analytics and reports by simply asking questions using natural language processing.

Mobile ready

Our cloud-based architecture ensures that your data is accessible from anywhere, anytime, via our free mobile apps for iOS and Android.

HIPAA compliant

We use advanced end-to-end encryption for data in transit and at rest. NurseTasks also integrates Multi-Factor Authentication, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.


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Clinical performance dashboard with standard analytics for educators
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Pro (Program Billing)

Pro app subscription for nurse
Clinical performance dashboard with standard analytics for educators
$100 /program per student
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We include up to 1 educator user for every 10 nurses/students. You can purchase additional educator users for $3/month/user. For example, if you have 25 students/nurses, you would receive up to 3 educator users. If you wanted 5 total educator users, it would cost an additional $6/month.

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